Setting up your Solidbox

This guide helps you to get, set up, and activate Solidbox.


You will need the following:


Download the solidbox system image matching your Olimex board, from

Solidbox system images are not yet available. Instead use a core image for now.


Simplest way to write the downloaded system image to MicroSD card is to download and use the tool [Etcher].

Alternatively you may want to use below manual method, e.g. to avoid trusting that external Etcher tool.

  1. Locate device name of your microSD card.

    You are looking for the /dev/my-sd-card path which is not the system disk of your host computer or any other disk you have attached besides the MicroSD card.

    On Linux devices are often named like /dev/mmcblk7 or /dev/sdf. You can list disk devices on Linux with this command:

    lsblk --paths

    On macOS devices are often named like /dev/disk7. You can list disk devices on macOS with this command:

    diskutil list
  2. Make sure MicroSD card is plugged in, but not mounted.

  3. Decompress and copy image onto MicroSD card, one of these ways:

    1. Simple method: Do it as separate steps (adjust names as needed):

      gunzip --keep solidbox-lime2-1.0.img.gz
      sudo cp solidbox-lime2-1.0.img /dev/my-sd-card
    2. Fast method: Do it combined (adjust names as needed):

      sudo sh -c 'zcat solidbox-lime2-1.0.img.gz > /dev/my-sd-card'


Connect MicroSD card and ethernet cable to box, then connect and turn on power.

After about a minute, the box is accessible from computers connected on the same local network.

Beware that some places wired and wireless networks are separate networks.


You can access the Solidbox via ssh:

ssh debian@hamlet.local

First time you log in via ssh, use these credentials:

Activation of the box should be improved to not ever need ssh access.

Instead, first account created for a user-friendly service - e.g. Jabber chat - should be treated as the sole owner of the box.

Change the password:


Extend the system partition to use the whole disk:

sudo /root/extend-partition

To connect to an open wifi hotspot do something like this:

sudo ip link set wlan0 up
sudo iw dev wlan0 scan | less
sudo iw dev wlan0 connect some_SSID_from_above_without_code